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Usage examples of "plei".

We knew Plei Mei had been hit, and we had been briefed that there were North Vietnamese regulars in the area.

His plan had us flying to Plei Djereng Special Forces camp, near the Cambodian border, then breaking up in groups of four to land grunts at strategic points.

Team in Cheo Reo, up in Phu Bon Province, is opening a new camp at Plei Do Lim.

During my brief stay with these hardened warriors and the professionals who led them, I helped out where and when I could, shuttling myself between Cheo Reo and the new camp at Plei Do Lim.

Now this plei thing is a little like those dances, and a little like the pretending of children.

I had thought age would come into it, since the plei included both older and younger people.

Besides being in charge of all the other preparations, he had to remake his whole plei to suit our needs.

No doubt he had made a fine plei for white men, but for us, as it was, it would never do.

And later on all the people in the plei had to get together and speak their parts in order, and do all the things they would do in the plei, and that was like a bad dream.

By now I knew the words to the whole plei, from having translated and repeated them so many times.

He lived with us for many more years, but never again did he make a plei for us.