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Flip, Gleet, a small but burly Roden named Ket, and Pleep, and a grey-muzzled elder female called Noot were selected to lead Alex to the Towers.

Ket and Pleep took the lead, and lit small candles which cast a flickering but welcome light in the squalid tunnel.

Chis began, sadly, but Pleep interrupted him, as the limp shape gave a deep, heaving breath.

Len took it in his friendly warm paw, and led him back inside the palace, Pleep bounding along beside and warning him of where to put his feet.

He grew anxious and thin and partially bald, and there she was on the lough, chasing the other phalaropes and being chased by them, crying pleep, pleep, pleep and never doing a beak's turn by way of labour or toil.