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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pledger \Pledg"er\, n. One who pledges.


n. someone who gives a pledge


n. someone who makes or gives a pledge


Pledger is the surname of:

  • Alex Pledger (born 1987), New Zealand basketball player
  • Malcolm Pledger (born 1948), British retired Royal Air Force air chief marshal
  • Warren Jackson Pledger, American molecular biologist

Usage examples of "pledger".

Torston Huyberts and Pledger van der Wessels, but did not recognize or remember the titles of the official positions they occupied.

I asked Jim Pledger to do double duty at Finance and Administration and as her temporary replacement.

By this bill a penalty was inflicted on pawnbrokers, in a summary way, for receiving goods, knowing them not to be the property of the pledger, and pawned without the authority of the owner.

He'd killed Pledger to keep the man from telling that he'd seen Jake coming out of her room, and now he was deliberately jeopardizing that same secret.

It riles me to lose Pledger, but I sure as hell don't want my two best men killing each other over him.