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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Other plebes standing in line at 6 a. m. Tuesday to start the registration process had their families with them.
▪ Posted in huge letters on classroom walls, the words bore into plebes.
▪ Put that out of your mind, plebe.
▪ The Academy has this quirk about a plebe having to pass orals before proceeding.
▪ These sons and daughters have endured, have earned the right not to be a plebe ever again.
▪ William Bogle, Commandant of Midshipmen, tells each class of plebes.
▪ Your parents search for you in the crowd of plebes clawing up Herndon Monument in a greasy, glorious finale.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plebe \Plebe\ (pl[=e]b), n. [F. pl[`e]be, fr. L. plebs.]

  1. The common people; the mob. [Obs.]

    The plebe with thirst and fury prest.

  2. [Cf. Plebeian.] A member of the lowest class in the military academy at West Point; also, a freshman at any military or naval academy. [Cant, U.S.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also pleb, "member of the lowest class at a U.S. military academy," 1833, probably a shortened form of plebeian "one of the lower class," which in Latin also had the short form plebs or plebes.


n. 1 (context US English) a first year student at a US military academy; a cadet 2 common person


n. a military trainee (as at a military academy) [syn: cadet]

Usage examples of "plebe".

At that very moment he was light-years from Earth, probably too busy analyzing sensor readings to think about the plebe he had tortured at every turn.

The plebe was leaving the building through one of its several exit doors, which had slid aside already.

Then the lieutenant began to diversify his game and the plebe responded in kind.

Kirk had had his chance to shunt the blame onto the plebe and he had resisted the temptation to do so.

But if the plebe could make Kirk loosen up some more, if he could unearth a person from that stack of textbook tapes, that would be satisfaction enough.

Apparently, thought Kirk, even the plebe had seen that it was futile to say anything at that point.

They were ready to do anything for the jolly young plebe, who had become popular at the academy, and thus won both friends and foes among the older cadets.

Gage still bore deep down in his heart a hatred for the plebe who had become so popular at the academy.

Hans did not see that Frank was little like his usual jovial self, and he did not know in what a turbulent state of mind the unfortunate plebe was left.

Hodge remembered that Gage had tried to injure Frank in the past, and the dark-eyed plebe was ready to blaze forth in an instant.

He had discovered that Rains disliked Merriwell, and that was enough to establish a bond of friendship between the big plebe and the lad with whom he was boxing.

Again and again Frank hammered the desperate plebe, getting few blows in return and seeming to mind none of them no more than drops of rain.

Not even Bascomb approached him, for the big plebe was too dismayed to say anything or do anything.

Frank was no longer a plebe, and the glistening chevrons on his sleeves told that the first year in the academy had not been wasted.

It happened that, on a certain occasion, Bascomb desired that Fred should lie for him, but, to his surprise, the timid plebe absolutely and firmly declined to lie.