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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pleasure \Pleas"ure\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Pleasured; p. pr. & vb. n. Pleasuring.] To give or afford pleasure to; to please; to gratify.

[Rolled] his hoop to pleasure Edith.


n. An act of giving (sometimes sexual) pleasure. vb. (present participle of pleasure English)

Usage examples of "pleasuring".

Elliott would never have done such a thing as kiss her after pleasuring her, but with Brochan she felt no shame at tasting herself.

Frenchmen that rich women hired when you thought about making a gal come without pleasuring your ownself at the same time.

Uninterested in the pleasuring of trained courtesans, Boran merely used their bodies.

That might account for the heated blushes when he gazed at her in a certain way, and the warm quivery feelings pleasuring her female parts when he kissed her.

Saxon, pleasuring in the boyishness of his sunburned face, was reminded of the boyishness of Mark Hall and his Carmel crowd.

After pleasuring her neck for some time, he removed his right hand from her back and quickly grasped her left thigh.

Indeed, the boy is a favourite with all the young ones, and greatly aideth me by continually pleasuring them.

I could have been safe at home, pleasuring myself groggy with Elspeth and sponging off her skinflint father, facing nothing worse than the prospect of bear-leading her family in Society, and here I was imprisoned in a lonely castle with five dangerous lunatics bent on dragooning me into a hare-brained adventure that was certain to put my head in a noose.

Her hand moved slowly, measuring and pleasuring him in the same motion, glorying in the answering blaze of his eyes, all darkness gone.

She stretched out beside her lover then, and with one hand still pleasuring, brought the girl's face to her breast to nurse.