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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pleasurer \Pleas"ur*er\, n. A pleasure seeker.


n. 1 agent noun of pleasure; one who pleasures. 2 A pleasure-seeker.

Usage examples of "pleasurer".

It makes you all the more of the rare prize: grandson of a Duchene and, thrown in for good measure, the blood of a pleasurer in your veins.

In fact, she had not been with the lusty pleasurer for several months.

Kloobroth spread quickly among the pleasurers, who usually had plenty of time on their hands between visits from their patronas.

She was a Marquelle and he was nothing but a pleasurer whose favors were sold to the highest bidder.

Green often wondered what the expert pleasurer would be like when he finally let go.

And they engaged in the activity only with their pleasurers, if at all.

He expertly moved her leg up and over to the side in a skillful maneuver that many a pleasurer would never learn.

On the other hand, you do not strike me as a pleasurer of women or anything else.