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a. (obsolete form of pleasant English)

Usage examples of "pleasaunt".

And now faire Phoebus gan decline in hastHis weary wagon to the Westerne vale,Whenas they spide a goodly castle, plastForeby a riuer in a pleasaunt dale,Which choosing for that euenings hospitale,They thither marcht: but when they came in sight,And from their sweaty Coursers did auale,They found the gates fast barred long ere night,And euery loup fast lockt, as fearing foes despight.

And now they nigh approched to the sted,Where as those Mermayds dwelt: it was a stillAnd calmy bay, on th'one side shelteredWith the brode shadow of an hoarie hill,On th'other side an high rocke toured still,That twixt them both a pleasaunt port they made,And did like an halfe Theatre fulfill:There those fiue sisters had continuall trade,And vsd to bath themselues in that deceiptfull shade.