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Plé is a French surname that pay refer to

  • Alfred Plé (1888–1980), French rower
  • Christophe Plé (born 1966), French alpine skier
  • Simone Plé-Caussade (1897–1986), French music pedagogue, composer and pianist

Usage examples of "ple".

Unquestionably these people suggested to Jack Desmond the scheme which spelled tragedy to Margaret.

Their atmospheres predispose people to crime or virtue, to the calm of good will, to sneaking vice, or fierce, unprovoked aggression.

Pling asked him what happened and Zik recounted the trick in Octavian.

The only peo- ple who came to Koda were local farmhands looking for excitement and bored smugglers looking for trouble.

Then the airlock irised, letting Nick and his peo ple into the warmer light of Beckmann's domain.

It was as if the multitude of peo ple and dragons watching the hatching held every breath in suspense.

Also, he was getting more and more con- earned a reputation as a hard-nosed squadron leader in the cerned about some of the methods the inner security peo- Vietnam war, flying F-6 Phantoms in close support of ple used.

A cou ple of days before, a big carpet carrying fumigants had overturned in an accident, spilling finely ground linseed, psellium seed, violet and wild parsley root, aloes, mace, and storax.

Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Ples cover a smile with her gloved hand.

Slowly, she grinned and then, just as Ples had before sending her out to die, Terion began to laugh.

Kneading fingers caressed tem ples, ears, neck and lower, easing tension he didn't realize he was carrying.

The humans' clever imaginations created Unnatural, Unreason ing fears that disrupted the energies within the ley and disturbed Mother's existence, that sent uncontrollable rip ples through the leythium lace and turned her chambers to unpleasant yellows and violent flashes of red.

He parked the carpet in front of a place whose sign had two words in the Roman alphabet—DVIN DELI—and a cou ple of lines in the curious pothooks Armenians use to write their language.