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n. (plural of plaza English)

Usage examples of "plazas".

As a boy in Kyoto, after reading everything he could find about the first Raman expedition, Takagishi had wondered what it would be like to stand in the center of one of those alien plazas and stare upward at buildings created by beings from another star.

Since then, Fran­cesca and Nicole had visited the two other plazas and carefully combed the length of two of the central pie portions.

From the vicinity of each of the three central plazas, heat was emanating from underground sources, causing colored patterns in her infrared vision.

When it's light, let's carefully search the key areas of the city, particularly around the three plazas, and see if we can find anything that could be used to build a boat.

He explained to Nicole, when he took a break for dinner at her insistence, that the location of the third underground hole could only be determined if he thoroughly under­stood the geometric relationships between the polyhedrons, the three plazas, and all the skyscrapers immediately opposite the principal faces of the polyhedrons in each of the nine sectors.

Here, too, gardens were more formal and set between wide expanses of pavement, as if people walking across the man-made plazas in their pursuit of business or sociability might wish to pause and enjoy the fragrance and color of the natural world.

In one of the plazas, a trio of drummers in black, shapeless robes and grotesque masks like the skulls of birds beat a complex almost-tune, the high-pitched hand drum weaving a stuttering, offbeat counterpoint to the steadier, full-toned notes of the larger drums.

The streets were quieter here—most people were still on the Water, or in the streets and plazas along its banks—and Lioe was not sure if she was relieved or worried to see a security drone sail past overhead.

Through the transparent door panel she could see the Dock Road District spread out beneath her, buildings clustered around tiny spots of green that were the open plazas, and crowding shoulder to shoulder along the banks of the myriad canals.

The drinking founts in the plazas and the streets still worked, the air remained normally breathable.

She stabbed with her finger at the space ahead of them, where only a few fairyland towers showed on the surface amid the city's plazas and walks and drives.

All the while his eyes were searching the plazas around them, though not for an explorer.

After a frowning moment he started to lead the way back toward the city's plazas, dotted with sharply visible tourists.

The people had a different attitude in the shopping plazas: more frenzied, eyes glit­tering, arms clutching packages, hands grabbing at dis­plays.