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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Campbell had been a fairly well-known playwright at one time.
▪ Even when a playwright has been drafted in, you can still see the joins.
▪ Like actor / playwright Anna Deveare Smith, he taped the interviews, and so the characters speak in their own words.
▪ Matty is very interested in the Restoration playwrights.
▪ One of the new playwrights was Ben Jonson.
▪ The bruising rejection might have crushed another playwright.
▪ The other Albert was Albert Finney, who stars as a successful restaurateur attempting a reconciliation with his playwright brother.
▪ These playwrights claimed they could correct vice only by sentiment, not ridicule.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Playwright \Play"wright`\, n. A maker or adapter of plays.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1680s, from play (n.) + wright.


n. A writer and creator of theatrical plays.


n. someone who writes plays [syn: dramatist]


A playwright, also known as a dramatist, is a person who writes plays.

Usage examples of "playwright".

There were a newspaper man--the editor of a fashionable journal--and a middle-aged man of letters, playwright, critic, humourist, a man whose society was in demand everywhere, and who said sharp things with the most supreme good-nature.

Litho forges by lithography, a printing process using stone developed two centuries ago by Aloys Senefelder, a mediocre playwright wanting to facsimile his plays on the cheap.

German-speaking world the Bavarian playwrights Franz Xaver Kroetz and Martin Sperr, the Austrians Wolfgang Bauer and Peter Turrini, have also become masters of this type of highly laconic dialogue in which silences and half-sentences are used to uncover the mental processes of tongue-tied individuals.

James Warren, while his wife, Mercy Otis Warren, who was a playwright and a woman Adams particularly admired, lectured him on the ideal republican government she foresaw for the future union of the colonies.

II Altho it is possible to consider his stage-technic apart from his teaching, it needs to be noted at the outset that Ibsen the playwright owes a large portion of his power and effectiveness to Ibsen the poet-philosopher.

Among the many direct, if shallow, imitators of the Chekhovian style are playwrights like N.

He made second and third and fourth lists of fifty philanthropists each, extending his sales-appeal from the innocent composers of books to newspaper editorial writers, colyumists, cartoonists, playwrights, and rich women reported as having attended public poetry-readings, and he widened his selling area to take in Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, France, and Germany.

French playwrights of the nineteenth century who perceive clearly the superiority of Ibsen in the mere mechanism of the dramaturgical art.

The manager, Gallina, is a playwright of much reputation, and gave us some dozen of his own pieces, mostly good and clever.

A great intellectual with an abiding love for things Greek, he stood at the center of a group of men who patronized and encouraged the likes of Polybius, Panaetius, and the Latin playwright Terence.

I just go on eating and listening and Ambrose seems about ready to burst into tears as he tells me about his suffering because of his love for Hilda, when who comes into the Canary Club all dressed up in white tie and tails but a guy by the name of Brogan Wilmington, who is what is called a playwright by trade, a playwright being a guy who writes plays which are put on the stage for people to see.

Can it be true, as Ares was shouting above, that Achilles has slaughtered King Agamemnon, thus depriving his wife, Clytaemnestra, of her bloody revenge and a hundred future playwrights their subject matter?

Q Since you do not derive your income from playwriting, would it be fair to describe you as an amateur playwright?

The extent to which Wagner has been seduced into violating this rule by his affection for his themes is startling to a practiced playwright.

The action arises out of alleged infringements upon the dramatic presentation Once at Antietam written by plaintiff, a historian and fledgling playwright, for the stage or for television adaptation.