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n. (plural of play English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: play)

Usage examples of "plays".

Silvia was the adoration of France, and her talent was the real support of all the comedies which the greatest authors wrote for her, especially of, the plays of Marivaux, for without her his comedies would never have gone to posterity.

My Darling Plays Him a Trick--Henriette Argues on Happiness--We Call on Dubois, and My Wife DisPlays Her Marvellous Talent--M.

When a stranger comes here they know how to get over him, and if he plays it is all up with him, for they go together like pickpockets at a fair.

It is an understood thing in Russia that one who plays on credit and loses may pay or not pay as he wishes, and the winner only makes himself ridiculous by reminding the loser of his debt.

As you know, my lord plays exquisitely on the violin, and when he was at Bonn he played the Elector a concerto by Tartini.

Here is my stock of plays, and we will perform those that you may choose.

All the plays performed at the Italian Comedy, under the name of Madame Favart, were written by the abbe, who became member of the Academie after my departure from Paris.

Present From Her--I Go to the Opera With Her--She Plays At the Faro Table and Replenishes My Empty Purse-Philosophical Conversation With M.

French and Italian plays in succession, taking care to render myself conspicuous that my reappearance might be complete.

But if, accustomed as we are to clothe ourselves, the face is the smallest factor in our perfect happiness, how is it that the face plays the principal part in rendering a man amorous?

Voltaire good-natured, polite, and affable to you who have been kind enough to act in his plays with him?

She is a beauty, a perfect prodigy, she plays at sight on several instruments, dances like Terpsichore, speaks English, French, and Italian equally well--in a word, she is really wonderful.

He plays no part in the pre-Shakespearean version of the story, but heads a subplot that is introduced by Shakespeare.

Rather, the plays are set just beyond the English borders in lands intimately connected with England.

England down through the fifteenth century, as many other Shakespearean plays attest.