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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Do not use in cribs, beds, carriages, or playpens.
▪ He walked over to the playpen and picked up Christina and held her soft heat against his chest.
▪ I wouldn't advocate the academic playpen scenario but I seem to remember having some quality of life.
▪ McNair has himself a guaranteed Super Bowl for his new playpen in 2004.
▪ Separate political playpens based on homogeneous constituencies force people apart, not together.
▪ The Third World should no longer serve as a playpen for greedy, killer interventionist maneuvers by aging cold warriors.
▪ Through the living-room window he can see a playpen, and a child's pot standing on the table.

n. An enclosed space for children to play in.


n. a portable enclosure in which babies may be left to play [syn: pen]


A playpen is a piece of furniture in which an infant or young toddler (typically those less than 35" tall and 30 lbs) is placed to prevent self-harm when her/his parent or guardian is occupied or away. The earliest use of the word "playpen" cited in the Oxford English Dictionary is 1902.

Usage examples of "playpen".

Esther held a major meeting with leaders in Paris in which she ranted about the deplorable conditions in the nursery, attacking especially the lack of structured schedules, of cribs, beds, and playpens, and of Montessori equipment or even educational toys.

Caralie sat on a chair near the playpen, drinking in the sight of the child who possessed so many of her mother's physical characteristics in miniature.

Once Kaycee was settled in the playpen, Riley and Caralie went back into the small reception area.

Giving Kaycee a kiss, Caralie then placed her in the playpen again and picked up her suitcase.

Dunes Park was one of the older and smaller amusement parks on Landoor, a child's playpen in comparison to the gigantic parks that had grown up in more recent years, especially the ones built by the government and by the ex-rebels working with Phule.

The electronic game, which adapts to cradle, crib, and playpen, has been shown to stimulate precocious mental growth.

With such limitless capital, he had made the world his playpen for the last decade, and the effects of his manipulations could be felt in financial markets and political paradigms all across the globe.

Dawn changed Marnie and put her playpen in the front yard near the sidewalk.

Usually babies were left to the Purgatory Playpen, because it took some time for them to achieve independent function.

Yet Christopher, crawling around his playpen, did not even stop playing with the colour controls of his picture book as his father's voice came loud and clear across half a billion kilometres of space.

But there had come that magnetic sense of union, Goblin and I, indivisible, and I saw the sunny room again in which a child stood in a wooden playpen scattered with toys, a curly headed toddler in little overalls whom I knew to be myself, and beside him his double, the two of us laughing together, without a single care -- look at the red flowers in the linoleum, look at the sunshine, see the spoon flying end over end in an arc through the air -- and fast after this there tumbled other images and random moments: laughter in the schoolroom and all the boys looking at me and pointing and murmuring, and me saying He's right here, I tell you, his hand on my left hand and my writing in crayon in that scrawl of his, love you, Goblin and Tarquin.

They were seen with their parents and the accoutrements of the progressing years: cribs, baptismal robes, playpens, swings, tricycles, bicycles, tennis racquets, horses, and Comet sailboats.