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Kurnik , also known as PlayOK, is a community-supported website of classic board and card games to play online against live opponents in real-time. It was created in 2001 by Marek Futrega, and was initially a Polish-only website. As of early 2005 it supported over 30 board and card games, and the site is available in 33 languages so far. The gaming platform is still actively developed by Futrega.

It is the most popular on-line board game website in Poland. Since 7 October 2004 all game rules at Kurnik's web pages are available under the Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial licence.

Other interesting technical solutions:

  • The live players are connected using Java applets. Hence the user only needs a Java -enabled browser.
  • Non-java launch is now offered on many games for users using android and other non-java capable platforms.
  • The service collects extensive player statistics and maintains a complete archive of games played in the last 6 months. Games can be replayed or downloaded in popular formats (PGN, PBN, SGF and others).
  • Fully automated online tournaments including private ones (organised by users).
  • Guest mode for observing a game from the side.

According to a gemiusTraffic research, in December 2004 the website was visited by 1.2 million unique users. The Polish version has about 100.000 registered users and, as of January 2007, an Alexa Internet ranking of around 1,200.

Until 1 May 2002 Scrabble was also available at Kurnik, under the name Szkrable. After a threat of legal action from Cronix, the company with the rights to Internet versions of the game, Kurnik developed a similar game called "Literaxx" (Literaki ;-) in Polish), which differed from Scrabble only because of a different board, but Cronix considered these changes too minor for it not to be a copyright violation. Marek Futrega then developed Literaki ;-) into a new word-based game with different rules than Scrabble. The Literaki ;-) rules are public domain. Similarly, a free equivalent of Monopoly, "Blogpoly" (Netopol in Polish) is also available in the Polish version.

As of April 5, 2008 changed its name to