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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plausibility \Plau`si*bil"i*ty\, n. [Cf. F. plausibilit['e].]

  1. Something worthy of praise. [Obs.]

    Integrity, fidelity, and other gracious plausibilities.
    --E. Vaughan.

  2. The quality of being plausible; speciousness.

    To give any plausibility to a scheme.
    --De Quincey.

  3. Anything plausible or specious.
    --R. Browning.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1590s, from plausible + -ity.


n. 1 The quality of being plausible; speciousness. 2 Anything plausible or specious. 3 (context obsolete English) Something worthy of praise.


n. apparent validity [syn: plausibleness] [ant: implausibility]

Usage examples of "plausibility".

This plausibility and confidence are faculties really inherited from nature, and effectually serve the possessor, in lieu of that learning which is not to be obtained without infinite toil and perseverance.

He would have to do that to take the edge of plausibility off any report the confidant might make.

The other minotaurs had pieced the story together over the years, though some, like Scurn, denied its plausibility.

The very idea that this house in all its unswathed glory could have been hers lacked plausibility now the Prince had gone from her life.

There is an intrinsic plausibility to this theory: if two neurons A and B have inputs to C, and if the activation of C is stronger when its inputs come in repeatedly at almost exactly the same time, then neuron C will be more strongly activated if its inputs A and B are synchronous.

Thursday and the next, though its odd potentialities ran, no doubt, in most of our minds: its plausibility, that is, its practical incredibleness, the curious possibilities of anachronism and of utter confusion it suggested.

These Judaizing Christians seem to have argued with some degree of plausibility from the divine origin of the Mosaic law, and from the immutable perfections of its great Author.

Here the question is not, whether her own assertions may not themselves be false, but it is only to be shown that no one is ever able to prove the opposite with apodictic certainty, nay, even with a higher degree of plausibility.

But there is the same apodictic certainty that no man will ever arise to assert the contrary with the smallest plausibility, much less dogmatically.

The gift had, admittedly, been delivered in the guise of damaged goods, but that merely lent plausibility to Brickman's claim to have built it from salvaged bits and pieces while held captive by the Mutes.

I really wanted his opinion about the plausibility of all these relatively rare illnesses having appeared so close together and at this time of year.

She has sanctified the dark, suspicious maxims of tyrannous distrust, and taught kings to tremble at (what will hereafter be called) the delusive plausibilities of moral politicians.

Had the early Christians been more controlled by ‘the solemn plausibilities of custom’—less of democrats in the pure and lofty acceptation of that perverted word—Christianity would have perished in its cradle!

He invented novel plausibilities for why the moment was not yet and used them in discussions with the leaders of the other Spacer Worlds.

More fundamentally, it limits the range of plausibility wave functions that we're willing to perceive, or to collapse into reified events that others can share and verify -- "