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Plast (disambiguation)

Plast is the largest Scouting organization in Ukraine.

Plast may also refer to:

  • Plast (town), a town in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia
  • Plast (Pláhnetan album), album by the Icelandic band Pláhnetan
  • Plast (album), album by the Swedish hip hop group Just D

The Plast National Scout Organization of Ukraine (, Plast Natsionalna Skautska Orhanizatsiia Ukrayiny), commonly called Ukrainian Plast or simply Plast, is the largest Scouting organization in Ukraine.

Plast (town)

Plast is a town and the administrative center of Plastovsky District in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, located on the eastern slopes of the Ural Mountains in the upper basin of the Uy River, southwest of Chelyabinsk, the administrative center of the oblast. Population:

Plast (album)

Plast is a 1995 Just D studio album.

Usage examples of "plast".

By the time he and Phyll arrived, Baum was telepathically singing so that only Phyll and Plast could hear him.

And Plast, execute any orbital changes necessary for us to be in the most advantageous position for observation by the time we send Baum down.

Phyll and Plast, allied for mutual security, remained quiet, refusing to say which had done it and grinning slyly whenever he turned his back.

The golden droid set down the plast cafeteria tray and began removing dish covers.

The heavy black lines of the chip schematics traced on the other side bled through the pale-green plast a little, giving the effect of a palimpsest, like an allegory of tragedy.

Indio peeled off his skin plast and tossed it into the can next while Tiny poured a solvent on a rag and wiped it across his scalp and chin, dissolving the fixative that glued the hair and beard to his skin.