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The Plass was an American automobile manufactured only in 1897 by Reuben H Plass.

Usage examples of "plass".

Before Berman could make a final assessment, Plass made a final, shrewd point.

Plass introduced them to Majors Berman and Holtz, he watched for any sign of belligerence toward the couple.

Plass and Berman took a position in the rear section as well, directly behind the small hatch door to the cockpit section.

Plass and Berman were joined by Rourke and Decker outside the entrance near the security panel.

He had guaranteed that Plass would go down in history as a traitor by convincing Stoll that Plass had defied several direct orders.

We got broiler foil and giant degradable plass garbags and soap and toilet paper and four liters of chlorine bleach.

They will see you, versions of you, if you meet the allthing," Plass said.

He moved the plass to and fro on the bar in erratic cyma recta curves.

She herself swabbed Jack off, dressed him in a bellyband, a diaper, plass overpants, and a little terry-cloth suit, then stowed him in his swansdown bunting and cradle furs while she washed herself and put on a fresh nightgown.

He was sipping at a tall plass of Alive, a Theb-anian mineral water supposedly drawn straight from a long-deceased volcano, with a twist of errus and a bit of lemon.