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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plashy \Plash"y\, a. [From 1st Plash.]

  1. Watery; abounding with puddles; splashy. ``Plashy fens.''
    --Milton. ``The plashy earth.''

  2. Specked, as if plashed with color.


a. 1 watery, wet, waterlogged. 2 mark by flecks of colour, as if plashed with paint.

Usage examples of "plashy".

As they walked together along the plashy turnpike road, overtaking, now and then, groups of two or three who were out on the same errand as themselves, Lancelot could not help remarking to the keeper how superior was the look of comfort in the boys and young men, with their ruddy cheeks and smart dresses, to the worn and haggard appearance of the elder men.

Just at this moment a plashy tramp by the side of the bridge caught the sensitive ear of Ichabod.

They had reached the plashy bottom, and a snipe got up with its usual cry, corkscrewing away at a tremendous pace.

Myriads of white storks, of course, but also, as I am credibly informed, the occasional black stork too, God bless her, a bird that I have never yet beheld, a dweller in the plashy forests of the remotest north.

For the ground on the farther side appeared green and plashy, and she disliked wetting her shoes.

Off to the left, at the edge of a shallow among the bordering trees, a flock of ibis were stalking and stabbing in the plashy mud with their curved, dark-red bills.