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Plas (Anglicized Plass or Place) may refer to:

  • Puddle, in Dutch
  • Space, in Norwegian
  • Mansion, in Welsh and Cornish

Usage examples of "plas".

Within was cocooned equipment-ore carts, picks, shovels, all kinds of hand tools, as well as an array of tough plas props for tunnel supports.

She gave a little gasp as she saw that her name had been incised in neat letters on the plas housing that covered the infrasonic blade.

He wasn't surprised to see them leave splintered fractures across the surface of the plas but not penetrate.

A few of the flechettes became embedded in the plas, but the majority of them caught the sec man in the shoulder and arm, spinning him, his flesh in tatters.

The bullet plunked into the see-through plas sheet on a tangent that would have put it squarely between his target's eyes.

The others were in shock, watching as the dying man collapsed against the plas with blood spraying from his ruined face.

The man tore the plas sheet from the grips of the men who were struggling to hold it stable.

Released, the plas came crashing down into the lower room, sending up geysers from the inch-deep gasoline pool that had gathered across the floor.

The double doors abruptly jerked open just as Vinge Connrad appeared behind the single remaining plas sheet.

It took a lot of work to put the wag in front of the area they'd mined with the plas ex.

An impossibly filthy face glared up at me as its owner shoved away a covering of shredded plas and rotting fruit.

Canyons of piled plas crates stretched to distant points of darkness, while the sounds of unseen machines echoed from a ceiling high enough to allow air travel.

At our appearance, he snatched a deadly-looking rifle from where it lay on piles of scorched plas records, swinging the dark hole of its muzzle to cover us both.

It, a plas crate for a table, and my hammock now constituted my world for however long I could convince Morgan to let me stay.

I peered into the hold again, eyeing the rows of plas crates and bags suspiciously.