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n. 1 (context anatomy English) any flat surface 2 (context astronomy English) a plain or plateau on a moon or planet


Usage examples of "planum".

We were waiting for the Soils Dorsa train to come and swift us away to our planums, planitias, fossas, and valleys.

Carole drifted in from the west, over a plateau called Lakshmi Planum: twice the size of Tibet, a place of huge volcanic outflows.

Collette and Sacajewa, out on the rolling green grasslands of Lakshmi Planum, Akna Montes far to the west, Maxwell yet farther to the east.

Recently neurologists at Germany's Heinrich Heine University used magnetic resonance imaging to discover that musicians with perfect pitch apparently process sounds in the planum temporale of the left cortex Since it's been shown that music is ordinarily processed in the right cortex, perfect pitch may be closely related to the language ability that occurs more in the left cortex.