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Planté (crater)

Planté is a lunar crater that is situated near the eastern inner wall of the much larger crater Keeler. Just to the east, attached to the exterior of Keeler, is the large crater Heaviside. Planté is located on the far side of the Moon and cannot be viewed directly from the Earth.

This crater has a sharp-edged rim and an interior floor that is wider along the southeastern half, possibly due to slumped material or ejecta deposits. A small crater lies across the northern rim and part of the inner wall. There is no central peak, but a small crater is located just to the west of the midpoint. Low ridges radiate from this crater rim across the floor to the northeast.

The crater is named for Gaston Plante, a French physicist (1834-1889).


Plante, Planté or La Plante is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alex Plante (born 1989), Canadian hockey player
  • Arthur Plante (1869–1927), Canadian lawyer and politician
  • Bill Plante (born 1938), Canadian journalist for CBS News
  • Brian Plante (born 1956), American science fiction writer
  • Cam Plante (born 1964), Canadian former hockey player
  • Dan Plante (born 1971), Canadian former National Hockey League player
  • David Plante (born 1940), American novelist
  • Derek Plante (born 1971), hockey coach and retired National Hockey League player
  • Francis Planté (1839–1934), French pianist
  • Franciscus Plante (1613–1690), Dutch poet
  • Gaston Planté (1834–1889), French physicist who invented the lead-acid battery
  • Jacques Plante (1929–1986), former ice hockey goaltender
  • Jean-François Plante, Canadian politician
  • Joseph-Bernard Planté (1768–1826), notary and politician in Lower Canada
  • Laura La Plante (1904–1996), American film actress
  • Lynda La Plante (born 1943), English author, screenwriter and former actress
  • Pacifique Plante (died 1976), Canadian corruption-fighting lawyer
  • Pierre Plante (born 1951), Canadian retired hockey player
  • Thomas G. Plante, American psychologist
  • Tyler Plante (born 1987), Canadian hockey player
  • Vincent Planté (born 1980), French football goalkeeper
  • Violet La Plante (1908–1984), American film actress; sister of Laura La Plante