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n. (plural of plank English)

Usage examples of "planks".

Amar, even Churr, could react, the fallen demons scrambled to their feet and ran up the planks into the Egg, carrying the injured demon with them, leaving the crouching trembling demon behind.

The light barely illuminated the hole cut into the plank floor and the ladder lying on the planks beside it.

The old gates had long since fallen down and, evidently, been carted away, and only the deep ditch protected the entrance, although a fair bit of debrisposts, planks, discarded wheelshad been dragged over to form a makeshift wall on the inner side of the pit.

He could not tell where he was, but the splintered wood planks stank of old vomit and dried piss and the floor kept tilting gently up and down, up and down.

Below, in the gate, a dozen men were pulling back the bridge of planks thrown over the pit.

The soldiers setting the barricade in place on the outer side of the pit ran across the last two planks, which were then drawn back into the fort.

The door into the great hall buckled and groaned and on the next strike shattered, planks splintering as they gave way.

Groping forward, he found himself with room to crouch and an unexpected view past warped planks to the stone crown.

Stronghand wiggled one of the planks until it shifted, and he turned it sideways and squeezed through, then paused, lying up against the building as the two men walked out of the house not three paces from him, down a pair of steps, and onto the grass, still talking.

planks creaked as plants lashing up from the depths tried to pull apart planks and drag down keels.

The stick pressed him against the door while, beyond the planks of wood, the wind battered and beat, the strength of it thrumming against his shoulders.

A couch sat in the place of honor, raised on a low circular dais constructed out of wooden planks painted the same blood-red shade as the heavy curtains.

The slimy black planks of its side loomed over them, filling her field of vision.

Hard bulges at the bottom of the face moved and clicked, then it came out of the hole, balancing awkwardly down the planks slanting from the lip of the hole to the ground.

The tricky thing was to keep the coins from slipping through the cracks between the planks and falling into the slack water under the dock.