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Show me how to explain it to Planir, to the scholars studying with Guinalle.

A nimbus of coppery magic now fringed the metal and Planir turned it so that the three could all see the image within it.

Larissa looked from Planir to Shiv, a faint question in her face as the two other mages shared a conspiratorial look.

Larissa caught up the hem of her shift, revealing lacy garters, and Planir unbuckled his belt.

Have you had any interest in our search or was I just saving Planir the cost of hiring you a wet-nurse for your journey?

Hanging wisps of smoke shook and dissipated as Planir swept past to stand in front of the empty fireplace.

I am not going to be the one telling Planir I let you go without all the support I could offer.

It is no concern of the charlatan Planir and his covey of greedy conjurors.

It had been their first sanctuary in that confused season when Planir had reawakened them.

Her hazel eyes studied Planir with an intelligence that made it plain she was no mere gap-toothed matron subsiding into dumpy middle age and greying hair.

Messire Den Harkeil feel entitled to ignore both Planir and the Demoiselle Tor Priminale saying a ship needs a mage or an adept or ideally both?

All Geris had been doing was sniffing out ancient lore for Planir, with Shiv and Darni along to keep him out of trouble.

Unperturbed, Planir gestured at a door skilfully concealed in the panelling of the far wall.

A sturdily built man much of an age with Planir and Herion knelt by the fireplace stacking badly charred tomes inside the fender.

Taking the battered silver circle from his next finger, Planir slid it carefully on beside the insignia of his office.