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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Planch \Planch\, n. [F. planche.] A plank. [Obs.]
--Ld. Berners.


Planch \Planch\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Planched; p. pr. & vb. n. Planching.] [F. planche a board, plank. See Plank.] To make or cover with planks or boards; to plank. [Obs.] ``To that vineyard is a planched gate.''


n. (context obsolete English) A plank. vb. (context obsolete transitive English) To make or cover with planks or boards.

Usage examples of "planch".

Maybe that will happen yet, but I doubt Linge Chen will let Planch live once he discovers that he has been betrayed.

Still, Chen paid very well, and if the Empire was going to rank growth and bad seed, Planch had no qualms about avoiding the worst of the discomforts and misfortunes.

However, the contact with Mors Planch on the bridge of the Spear of Glory had been too brief for him to try out these functions.

Apparently Planch was no longer so attractive to her, and henceforth their relationship would be strictly professional.

Mors Planch in neutral territory, far from the hold but aft of the crew quarters, in a weightless service hallway.

Chen shut off the message before it could reveal the unnecessary details of what Planch would do next.

Her dialect was almost too thick to understand, but Planch managed to communicate with her.

The morning sunshine dazzled Planch, and the air was tinted pink, giving everything a warm, nostalgic glow.

I caused harm, unwittingly, to a human being on the ship Planch had hired to find the Spear of Glory.

Mors Planch thinks it is beautiful, and as I spent time with him, I developed a deep respect for his judgment.

Planch has some fixed notions of justice, and it appears another contender for the person of Trema came on the scene, and paid Planch more than Chenso Planch took some mixed-up vengeance against Chen and Trantor for the ruin of Madder Loss.

But for now, I have Planch and this tape, and that can take us all very far, Vara.

She looked directly at Mors Planch and once again he suppressed a shiver.

Mors Planch, glittering with recent maintenance, rested in its cradle.

Streeling and the oceans of Sleep, Dream, and Peace, still open and glowing with an exuberance of decaying algae, Daneel watched the ship captained by Mors Planch rise above the domed surface of Trantor until it vanished in the thick layer of clouds.