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n. (plural of plait English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: plait)

Usage examples of "plaits".

I was beautiful then, my white hair roped around my head, and falling in five great plaits wound through with emeralds.

Her hair is made of gold wire plaits and silver wool, and her head is the head of the cat.

Their hair, more than blond, was reddish, and not bound in clubs or cut short, but woven into five or more thick plaits behind the ears, held out of the eyes by a circular strip of painted cloth stretched around the head.

He stood plaiting the fine, thin plaits until he had raised a shimmering heap on the floor, and then he stepped back and allowed the moon to move on.

They were older than Elizabeth had first thought, boys of about fourteen, and a girl perhaps twelve with plaits flying free and wild, her cheeks red with exertion and her dress ripped.

Anna, still flushed with sleep and with her plaits draped over her shoulders, carried a basket of odds and ends.

Her plaits bumped on her back as she ran light-footed down to the ferry.

It made the copper of her skin shine, her plaits stand out glossy black.

Hannah fairly capered around the room, her plaits flying in an impromptu dance to the fiddle music.

Manatassi watched him, noticing the quick nervous birdlike movements of head and hands that set the golden earrings jangling and the thick black plaits of hair dangling down his back.