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Plaine may refer to:

  • Plaine (river), a tributary of the river Meurthe in France
  • Plaine, Bas-Rhin, a commune in Alsace in north-eastern France
  • Plaine-Haute, a commune in the Côtes-d'Armor department in Brittany in northwestern France
  • Plaine Morte, a glacier in the canton of Bern in Switzerland
  • Belle Plaine (disambiguation)
  • La Plaine (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "plaine".

It was to weete the good Sir Satyrane,That raungd abroad to seeke aduentures wilde,As was his wont in forrest, and in plaine.

We stand on the sidewalk in front of our apartment building, and Henry takes my hand, and I look at him, and I raise our joined hands and Henry twirls me around and soon were dancing down Belle Plaine Avenue, no music but the sound of cars whooshing by and our own laughter, and the smell of cherry blossoms that fall like snow on the sidewalk as we dance underneath the trees.

Ebbans wanted to be: standing in the exact position of the man he was talking to, the man leaning on the bent branch beside the muddy Des Plaines and connected to a hook sunk in murky water by twenty feet of fishing line via a Sears rod and reel.

He couldn't wait to compete with whatever toy the GC was using in its stakeout in Des Plaines.

Soon after his visit to California, Kroc became McDonald's national franchising agent, in 1955 selling himself his first McDonald's franchise, which he located in Des Plaines, Illinois.

The place they were taken to was a grimy white cinderblock building in Des Plaines.

Sam Bryant stepped into his cab, gave the driver a number on Oakwood Avenue in Des Plaines, and settled back to scan.

Bat biologist Edward Stashko of Oakton College, Des Plaines, Illinois, estimates that less than one-half of 1 percent of bats are rabid.