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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plaguy \Pla"guy\, a. Vexatious; troublesome; tormenting; as, a plaguy horse. [Colloq.] Also used adverbially; as, ``He is so plaguy proud.''


a. Causing annoyance or bother, irritating

  1. adj. causing irritation or annoyance; "tapping an annoying rhythm on his glass with his fork"; "aircraft noise is particularly bothersome near the airport"; "found it galling to have to ask permission"; "an irritating delay"; "nettlesome paperwork"; "a pesky mosquito"; "swarms of pestering gnats"; "a plaguey newfangled safety catch"; "a teasing and persistent thought annoyed him"; "a vexatious child"; "it is vexing to have to admit you are wrong" [syn: annoying, bothersome, galling, irritating, nettlesome, pesky, pestering, pestiferous, plaguey, teasing, vexatious, vexing]

  2. adv. in a disagreeable manner; "it's so plaguey cold!" [syn: plaguey, plaguily]

Usage examples of "plaguy".

Ox he had, and a swingeing big Pig, that weighed some six or seven hundred weight, that he was plaguy proud of, but he never offered the old minister anything to eat or drink.

Admiral, but you have been plaguy little in it, not to know better nor that.

The war did us a plaguy sight of good in more ways than one, and it did the British some good too.

The marriage yoke is plaguy apt to gall the neck, as the ash bow does the ox in rainy weather, unless it be most particularly well fitted.

The otter of roses is stronger than the rose, and a plaguy sight more valuable.

He got so frightened about his plaguy soul, that he shrinked and sheered away from whales, for fear of after-claps, in case he got stove and went to Davy Jones.

Love, though plaguy sweet, is a sweet plague, I judge and, so judging, will by my judgment stand.

Against this good service on the part of Fate in providing her with Henry for a brother, Francesca could well set the plaguy malice of the destiny that had given her Comus for a son.

She is full of oats and would fain gallop, but it is so plaguy dark that we can scarce see where we are going.

When I entered there was a plaguy smell of brimstone, and the flame of my lanthorn burned blue.

I refused to serve another of these plaguy wanderers you are always foisting upon me?

Old Bailey penitent, I preached up conversion to others, not from a desire of their welfare, but a plaguy sore feeling for my own misfortune.

I did not love to let the dog write to thee on all our family affairs, especially as I have a secret to tell thee which makes me plaguy uneasy.

Can you call for five minutes as soon as possible, and disperse those plaguy glooms from which I am so unfortunate as to suffer?

I want you to know I never have been convarted, and I can prove it to you plaguy quick if you stroke me agin the fur.