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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plaguer \Pla"guer\, n. One who plagues or annoys.


n. One who plagues or annoys.

Usage examples of "plaguer".

She further claims that it should now be possible to discover potential plaguers at birth, and states that all high-risk cases in children must be kept separate from cities and areas of high technology, preferably growing up on small farms or in wilder country regions more in touch with the natural order of things.

Perhaps drawn by the beauty of the boats, or out of curiosity, some of the plaguers climbed onto the riverboats, using ladders that descended into the water.

I, like the plaguers, was now immune to skin cancer, because the hot sun felt so good on my bare, pale skin.

For each group of plaguers who reached New Orleans, a cure had been grown by the tremendously advanced AI at the heart of the city.