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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plage \Plage\ (pl[=a]l), n. [F., fr. L. plaga.] A region; country. [Obs.] ``The plages of the north.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"a region," late 14c., from Old French plage (13c.), from Late Latin plagia "a plain, shore," noun use of adjective (plagia regio), from plaga "a region, stretch of country" (see pelagic). Astronomical sense is from 1949.


n. 1 (label en geography obsolete) a region; country 2 (label en astronomy) a bright region in the chromosphere of the Sun


n. the beach at a seaside resort


Plage may refer to:

  • Plage (astronomy), a bright region in the chromosphere of the Sun
  • Plage (mycology), a clear, unornamented area on the basal area of an ornamented fungal spore
  • "Plage" (song), a 2011 song by English electronic band Crystal Fighters
Plage (mycology)

thumb|right|200px|Spore with plage. The plage is the flat area at the bottom right side. A plage is a clear, unornamented area on the basal area of an otherwise ornamented spore. It is characteristic of spores from the euagaric genus Galerina.

Plage (astronomy)

A plage is a bright region in the chromosphere of the Sun, typically found in regions of the chromosphere near sunspots. The term itself is poetically taken from the French word for "beach". The plage regions map closely to the bright spots ( faculae) in the photosphere below, but the latter have much smaller spatial scales. Accordingly, plage occurs most visibly near a sunspot region. Faculae have a strong influence on the solar constant, and the more readily detectable (because chromospheric) plage areas traditionally are used to monitor this influence. In this context "active network" consists of plage-like brightenings extending away from active regions as their magnetism appears to diffuse into the quiet Sun, but constrained to follow the network boundaries.

Because we can explain faculae with the strictly photospheric "hot wall" model, what the actual physical relationship between plage and faculae may be is not clear.

Plage (song)

"Plage" is the sixth single by English electronic band Crystal Fighters from their album Star of Love. The single was released on 8 August 2011 through Zirkulo records, to positive reviews.

Usage examples of "plage".

Close to an excellent golf-course, and surrounded by various beauty spots, with a thoroughly revised water-supply, a newlypainted pier and three rival Cinematograph Picture Palaces, Beachfield has long been known as a rising plage of exceptional attractions, the quaint charm of its.

Your Aunt and Harry Whent to the Wells Races and Spent a very Pleasant Day your Aunt has Lost Old Fanney Sow She Died about a Week a Go Harry he Wanted your Aunt to have her killed and send her to London and Shee Wold Fech her 11 pounds the Farmers have Lost a Greet Deal of Cattel such as Hogs and Cows What theay call the Plage I Whent to your Aunt as you Wish Mee to Do But She Told Mee She Did not wont aney Boddy She Told Mee She Should Like to Come up to see you But She Cant Come know for she is Boddyley ill and Harry Donte Work there know But he Go up there Once in Two or Three Day Harry Offered is self to Go up to Live With your Aunt But She Made him know Ancer.

She Says she willnot truble you on anny a kount as She Will returne the Same Day before She will plage you anny more.

Auf eine vornehme Vermaehlung Paar, das, vom Glueck geliebt, auch Liebe gluecklich macht,-- Sie, die ein fuehlend Herz, und nicht die Ahnen schaetzet, Und nicht der Wuerden saure Pracht, Und nicht der Taten Glanz, die man in Marmor aetzet-- Er koemmt, hier ist er schon, der schoenste deiner Tage, Der schoenste, weil die Lieb ihn schmueckt, Und ihr erfuellter Wunsch der Hoffnung suesse Plage Im Wechselkuss erstickt.

Keene said i slaped her face yesterday and Cele told Keene it was her falt and she hadent aught to have plaged me, and Keene said she dident and Cele said she did and father said you girls shet up when your mother is talking.

Angelegenheiten einmischten, die manchmal ein Trost und manchmal eine Plage zu sein schienen.

Biarritz, puis de la temperature, de la plage, des villas et de leurs habitants, on passa aux casinos.

I bought groceries at La Brise Marine and camped above La Plage des Grottes, close to the village, and settled down and let my nerves relax while I enjoyed the floor show.