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n. (misspelling of plaque English)

Usage examples of "placque".

A thin gold chain encircled her neck, securing a small bone placque just below the hollow of her throat.

My other placque was only the cock of spring, but it was the sole spring placque left.

I should not be afraid if all the police in New York knew I was here with this fine placque for sale.

ViKay has invited Lords Demick, Debray, Minch, and Everlea for a game of placques this morning.

Her occasional glance my way was neither furtive nor overly bold, nor was it any different from the way she looked at any of the young lords gathered around the placques table or waiting their turns under a nearby jimsum tree.

We would spread out a blanket, pile clothes at the four corners to screen our hands from view, and shuffle our cheap bone set of placques by the simple expedient of shaking their bag, then each of us drawing our nine just by reaching in.

It took some doing, to prop up the battered old placques so that only your partner, sitting opposite, could see them, but that was acceptable.

He had only summer placques left: the lion, snake, and ox, with me left with the dragon and hare in front of me opposite the cock, horse, and bear in front of Arefai.

When one opponent fails to follow season, you know how many placques of that season he originally held.

Her long fingers moved blurringly fast as she moved the pieces of cold marble over the silk-covered table, so fast that the clicking of the placques sounded like an even drumroll.

I gave a mental shrug as I put the spring cock and autumn hare facedown on the table and slid them toward Minch, then reached for the placques that ViKay had set in front of me.

When peasants wager at contests of skill, it is the winner who stays until he loses, be the game placques, single-bone draughts, wrestling, or Kimmi-on-the-pig.

Let me do that, Lord, without having to face my placques before I have them sorted.

Demick, Debray, Minch, and Everlea for a game of placques this morning.

Look at a drug store in holidays, and it is full of plush cases, placques, bronzes, and goods that were supposed to belong to jewelers.