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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Placitum \Plac"i*tum\, n.; pl. Placita. [LL. See Placit.]

  1. A public court or assembly in the Middle Ages, over which the sovereign president when a consultation was held upon affairs of state.
    --Brande & C.

  2. (Old Eng. Law) A court, or cause in court.

  3. (Law) A plea; a pleading; a judicial proceeding; a suit.

Usage examples of "placita".

I can meet you right away over at La Placita for a quick cup of iced coffee.

But he told me that in a bar on Placitas when he was more than a little drunk.

They went the back way, out Placitas, past the Lilac Shop, turned left and were on the highway, heading north, going fast.

These officers in their court days, assizes, or placita, gave judgment in the last resort as the count himself.

I heard what happened at Placitas and I'm glad to hear you two are okay.