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n. (plural of place English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: place)

Places (Georgie James album)

Places is the lone album by the Washington, D.C. indie rock band Georgie James, released on September 25, 2007. It includes the singles "Need Your Needs" and "Cake Parade." Guest musicians include Andrew Black (The Explosion), T.J. Lipple ( Aloha), Tony Cavallario ( Aloha) and Matthew Gengler ( Aloha). The artwork for the album was designed by the band and Zack Nipper.

Places (Casiopea album)

PLACES is the thirty-seventh album by the jazz fusion group Casiopea recorded and released in 2003.

Places (Jan Garbarek album)

Places is an album by the Norwegian saxophonist Jan Garbarek released on the ECM label and performed by Garbarek, John Taylor, Bill Connors, and Jack DeJohnette.

Places (Béla Fleck album)

Places is a compilation album by American banjoist Béla Fleck, recorded in 1988. It marks Fleck's last record with Rounder Records, subsequent label change to Warner Bros. Records and soon birth of the Flecktones, who would release their debut album in 1990.

Places (Brad Mehldau album)

Places is an album by American pianist and composer Brad Mehldau released on the Warner Bros. label in 2000.

Usage examples of "places".

I do not know how it happened, but as we were going into one of these casinos Rigerboos called me loudly by my name, and at that instant a woman, such as one usually finds in these places, came forward and began to gaze at me.

He throws off his cloak, takes a crucifix with one hand, places the other over the head of his daughter, and addresses the devil in such an amusing way that even his wife, always a stupid, dull, crossgrained old woman, had to laugh till the tears came down her cheeks.

Petrillo, who had not yet opened his lips, told me then that he was sorry not to have found me in Venice, as I might have shewn him round certain places which must be well known to me.

The halls of the theatres are capital places for amateurs to exercise their talents in intriguing, and I had profited tolerably well by the lessons I had learnt in this fine school.

When all the places had been taken one gentleman was left standing, there being no place for him.

This night I heard no sobs nor reproaches, but early next morning I was surprised to see the chevalier who said, as if we had been old friends, that he had heard that I was going to Vaucluse, and that as I had taken a carriage with four places he would be much obliged if I would allow him and his wife, who wanted to see the fountain, to go with me.

I only knew her by speaking to her in various public places, and I had never made her the smallest present.

I told the landlord what had happened, and on taking off my great coat, I found it to be pierced in two places just below the armpit.

I must advise you not to publish your tale as long as you are in Vienna, as it places Schrotembach in a very bad light, and you see the empress has to support him in the exercise of his authority.

Then she wishes me to understand that she despises also my tender affection for her, since she places me in a position to shew that affection for another person.

When we happened to find those places already tenanted by other men, we forced them by violence to quit the premises, and defrauded the miserable victims of prostitution of the mean salary the law allows them, after compelling them to yield to our brutality.

I did not recognize the voice but I knew the style, and felt quite certain that the masquer must be one of my old friends, for she spoke with the intonations and phraseology which I had rendered popular in my chief places of resort at Paris.

I undertake to make everything right, and, as I sit on the foot of my bed, she places herself in front of me, with her back towards me.

I can read in your eyes that you do not mind it, and it proves our great love, but that feeling places me too much below you, and I do not wish you to have so great an advantage over me.

Once or twice she addressed his aunt and sister in such a gracious manner that they could not help leaving their places and kissing her tenderly, congratulating Charles upon his good fortune.