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n. (plural of placer English)

Usage examples of "placers".

He had found one of the richest placers in Colorado history, and he kept that, fact to himself, panning the gravel and secreting the nuggets, because in California he had learned that when a man found a placer, the trick was to locate the vein which threw off the nuggets, for the nuggets were valuable today, but the vein existed forever.

Louis, Pittsburgh and Boston that Spade Larkin had struck one of the richest of all placers in Blue Valley, a prodigious horde of gold-seekers poured into the west, eager to accomplish there what they had been too late to accomplish in California, and most of them used the South Platte route, which took them past Zendt’s Farm, where they spent the last money they had on food and equipment.

When the placers were worked out, rnany of them by 1860, men moved on.