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Crossword clues for pivots


n. (plural of pivot English)

Usage examples of "pivots".

Skimming in, they come to rest with a jar against a metal grid that pivots on hydraulics to grasp them.

The Abbey of Five Pivots was built after the daemon uprising, and so all its power points were built over bourn lines.

She had no experience working the great Skreeling Engine of Five Pivots, though she had read the classic text on it written by Konara Leau in a lucid style uncommon for ancient konara.

It was what had made him order the massed deaths of the Ramahan, why he had insisted on the alliance with the Sarakkon who could enter the Abbey of Five Pivots at will without worrying about the power bourns.

Giyan had arrived from the Abbey of Five Pivots just after Riane had begun her eerie journey into the land of the dead.

Karl's waiting for this, pivots, the twelve coming up, suspended on its strap, bead centered on the kid's sternum.

It pivots on its right tread, sending up a spray of clods stinging like bird shot.

In another instant, the mysterious gypsy pivots sharply and walks quickly from the room.

The bald little man pivots and disappears into his office, shutting the door behind him.

Like a thoroughbred quarter horse wheeling around in response to a strong tug on the reins, the Corvette pivots 180 degrees on the brake-locked front wheels as the spinning rear wheels spit rocks and mud.

She found them in a circle, playing cards: three pivots, a pivot major, and another corporal.

I did know about Corporals Sennis and Solis, and Pivots Mercator, Januwitz, and Bedar .

In the patient voice he sometimes used with the duller pivots, he went on.