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Piute -- U.S. County in Utah
Population (2000): 1435
Housing Units (2000): 745
Land area (2000): 757.809415 sq. miles (1962.717292 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 7.950163 sq. miles (20.590826 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 765.759578 sq. miles (1983.308118 sq. km)
Located within: Utah (UT), FIPS 49
Location: 38.334070 N, 112.086880 W
Piute, UT
Piute County
Piute County, UT
Piute (disambiguation)

The Paiute are a Native American tribe. Piute may also refer to:

  • Piute, California, United States
  • Piute County, Utah, United States
  • Piute ground squirrel, species of rodent
  • Piute Mountains, mountain range of Southern California
  • Piute Range, mountain range of the Mojave Desert
  • Piute Pass, a mountain pass of the Mojave Desert
  • Piute Creek, a stream of the Mojave Desert
  • Piute Ponds, with Big Piute and Little Piute, small lakes to the southeast of Rosamond, California

Usage examples of "piute".

It is known that he was found by a family of Piute Indians, who kept the little wretch with them for a time and then sold him - actually sold him for money to a woman on one of the east-bound trains, at a station a long way from Winnemucca.

Jan Hile told Hondo to shoot at that Piute fifteen years ago, and Hondo missed him!

The folks, wanted me to stay and be a deputy sheriff, but I taken a good look at the female population and seen that the only single woman in town was a Piute squaw.

Russian prince, my father was a Piute Indian chief, my father was an Australian sheep baron, my father lost all his money in Wall Street, my father was a portrait painter.

The second asteroid belt, Piute, orbits between Santa Rosa and Yosemite.

The simplicity and frugality of the desert Piute or Navajo were here wanting.

They were Piutes and Hopis and Navahos and Cheyennes and other Indians, and the Great Spirit was not happy about them.

But the other Indians, the Piutes and Navahos and those others, were jealous, and they began to chase Pocopoco.

However, we pass safely through the land of the Piutes, unmolested by Buffalo James.

Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins wrote that the last of the red-haired giants were exterminated by the Piutes in the nineteenth century.

You better stay up here in the mountains whar you belong and live on roots and nuts and jackrabbits like the other Piutes, red or white!

It had been done by the Piutes in Colorado, eighty or ninety years ago, with gold nuggets for bait.

He had ridden into the place, registered and here put up at the Poker, and was just engaged in not tacking up a placard against the wall, as the of the crowd swarmed in, headed by victorious Piute Dave, and his right-hand man, the bullwhacker.

There was a big crowd of the miners and roughs present, however, among whom was Piute Dave, and the bullwhacker poet, Shakespeare.

He was still two hundred yards off and cutting across a field bright with larkspur, paintbrush, and sego lily when he saw Piute Bill come to the door, a Winchester in his hands.