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Pitto may refer to:

  • Pitto (Producer-DJ), the Dutch electronic music DJ and Producer
  • Pitto (Game), the game also referred to as 'Seven Tiles'
  • Alfredo Pitto, the Italian Football player

Usage examples of "pitto".

Buonaccorso Pitti, the wealthy merchant who had observed the Bianchi from the Palazzo Vecchio.

Rome 41 Raphael, La Belle Jardiniere, Louvre 42 Giulio Romano, Apollo and Muses, Pitti 43 Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, Louvre 44 Luini, Daughter of Herodias, Uffizi 45 Sodoma, Ecstasy of St.

Signorelli, frescos Cathedral Orvieto, Sistine Rome, Palazzo Petrucci Sienna, altar-pieces Arezzo, Cortona, Perugia, pictures Pitti, Uffizi, Berlin, Louvre, Nat.

Luca Pitti, in return for the services he had performed for the republic, as made a knight, and to be no less grateful than those who had conferred the dignity upon him, he ordered that the priors, who had hitherto been called priors of the trades, should also have a name to which they had no kind of claim, and therefore called them priors of liberty.