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The Collaborative International Dictionary

pits \pits\, the pits \the pits\n. The worst possible situation, person, or thing; something extremely bad, boring, or depressing; -- always used with the; as, cleaning the house is the pits. [Slang]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"the worst," by 1953, U.S. slang, said to be a shortened form of armpits.


n. (plural of pit English)

Pits (card game)

Pits is a five player card game, a cross between whist and rummy, with the objective of playing all your cards first.

It is played with a 54 card pack (4 suits and 2 jokers). Threes are low, Aces high, Twos even higher and Jokers highest.

Once all the cards are dealt, the dealer plays a meld; one of a singleton, "n" of a kind, a run of 3 or more singletons or a run of "n" of a kind. For example a run of 4 pairs might be {5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8}.

Subsequent players either pass or play a better set of the same meld, e.g. {8,8,9,9,10,10,J,J}. Twos are partly wild (they may represent any value already in the meld) and Jokers fully wild (they may represent anything).

Using wild cards, it is possible to play a meld of "10 of a kind" - 4 genuine cards, 4 twos and 2 jokers.

In one hand, the first player gets 2 points, the second 1 point, the third is dealer for the next hand, the fourth is slightly in the pit and the fifth totally in the pit. In the next hand, the two players in the pit discard their best card, the first players chooses one of the two, the second player gets the other one. These players then discard any card they don't want; Fourth choosing, fifth getting the remaining card. Then dealer leads in this hand.


PITS or Pits may refer to

  • Perpetration-induced traumatic stress
  • Educational Institution: Parisutham Institute of Technology & Science
  • Motorsports: Pit stop
  • Plural of Pit (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "pits".

Climbing higher up the glassy slope, they passed through a belt of cold volcanic pits and cones, where, ages before, the molten rock had bubbled like mush and cooled in scabrous pockmarks.

These pits were about ten feet in diameter, and some ten feet where they were not filled with loose earth.

Here the plain stretched on, but the advancing line of pits came to an end.

Guards scurried frenziedly into the pits where Monk and Ham and Pat were shackled.

But the next time red light rippled out, the stone had vanished -- and Doc Savage, under cover of the thorny bush, was creeping toward the line of pits with the wedge-pointed pick in his hand.

They emitted cries and crowded into the nearest of honeycomb pits in an effort to escape.

The wall of earth between the pits was not wide enough to permit quick, mass acti on.

Then he himself leaped, caught the edge of the pit with one deft arm, drew himself up, and ran across the narrow walls of earth between the honeycomb pits, to join his aids.

Doc's men, scattering over the entire front, forced the lizard-collared men into the pits to unlock the diggers.

The only escape from the plateau of the honeycomb pits was by the sea.

With a new vent blown out for the lava, the plain of the pits will be covered with molten lava.

That Devil's Honeycomb for which you have so long looked, digging your pits -- you would hardly care to have it buried under a hundred feet of lava.

He followed such runways as appeared to terminate in the pits or other chambers of the inhabitants of the city, and these he explored, usually from the safety of a burrow's mouth, until satisfied that what he sought was not there.

And you would know more, I can prove my right to be heard and to be believed if I may have word with the Princess Haja of Gathol, whose son is my fellow prisoner in the pits of O-Tar, his father.

From it a corridor leads to the pits of the palace, where there are storerooms containing food and drink.