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n. (plural of pistol English)

Usage examples of "pistols".

Friday shrugged, unstrapped his various pistols and knives, and placed them gently on the table, then walked out to join the others.

When he was some ten yards away he slung the imploder over a shoulder, withdrew a pair of pistols, and boldly entered the spaceport.

Nighthawk turned his laser and sonic pistols on it, but with no discernable effect.

The pistols were so heavy it took all her strength, using both hands, to hold her wrists steady.

Once in the narrow, dingy hallway, they each took heavy automatic pistols from inside their coveralls and quietly approached the closed door to one of the apartments.

Still, they held their pistols ready as they entered the room and quickly searched it.

She was wearing her long dueling pistols and, like Sile, had a jot unit on her belt.

The first part of my task was to take delivery in Saudi of some former Eastern bloc weapons that had been smuggled in--Russian Draganov sniper weapons, a couple of Makharov pistols, and two AK assault rifles, the parachute version with a folding stock.

The other four just wanted to know that their mags were working OK and that the pistols had no defects after being bundled up.

She looked around, saw Yulin and Trelig through the thin yellow haze not three meters apart, pistols half on each other but attention mostly on the drama now in the center of the room.

Certainly for the benefit and intimidation of the guards on walls and gate, many of the waiting men were carefully examining weapon edges and primings of pistols or long guns.

My good Kalymks stood behind, their fine crossbows unseen, vhile those before them kept on their pistols and swords the eyes of the guards.

The outsides of the boots also bore holsters for a matched pair of small Turkish wheellock pistols, while the inner sides sheathed four throwing-knives.

With the assistance of the four servants, he and Olahda arrayed themselves in half-armor and returned to the quarterdeck armed with swords, pistols, and dirks, these being covered by boat-cloaks, the helmets not yet donned.

But just out of sight of it, the knight had his men place their pistols, their powder and balls, and all save one knife each in the convenient hollow of a dead tree, then added both his own pistols, accessories, and his big dirk to the hoard and saw fallen leaves heaped over the lot before proceeding on, then remembered the long-glass and had one of the squires go back and place it too under the leaves with the hidden weapons.