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Pise may refer to:

  • Rammed earth, a building technique
  • Pise, Bhiwandi, a village in Maharashtra, India
  • Pisa, a city in Italy
  • Charles Constantine Pise (1801–1866), a Catholic priest and writer

Usage examples of "pise".

And I thought pise, of Georges, and how sad it was that he tried, too late, to say what he should have years and years ago.

Raoul de Beauvais, Chrestien de Troyes, Rusticien de Pise, Luces de Cast, Robert and Helie de Borron, and Gottfried von Strassburg, and that in our day it has been retold by Matthew Arnold and Swinburne, and made the subject of an opera by Wagner.

Michel de Brache et du cardinal de Pise qui leur prescrivaient si inhumainement le silence.

Castor Pollux en nef, astre crinite: L'erain public par terre & mer vuidé, Pise, Ast, Ferrare, Turin terre interdicte.