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Pisano is the name of several notable people:

  • Andrea Pisano (c. 1290–1348 or 1349), Italian sculptor and architect
  • Bernardo Pisano (1490–1548), Italian composer of the early 16th century
  • Bonanno Pisano (12th century), Italian sculptor, sometimes credited with being the architect of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Eros Pisano, (born 1987), Italian footballer
  • Francesco Pisano (born 1986), Italian footballer
  • Giovanni Pisano (c. 1250–c. 1315), Italian sculptor, son of Nicola Pisano
  • Leonardo Pisano (c. 1170–c. 1250), Italian mathematician also known as Fibonacci
  • Marco Pisano (born 1981) Italian footballer
  • Nicola Pisano (c. 1220/1225 – c. 1284), Italian sculptor
  • Rosita Pisano (1919 – 1975), Italian actress
  • Vittore Pisano, (1380–1456), erroneous name of Italian painter Pisanello


  • Pisano period


  • Pisano, Piedmont, a commune in the province of Novara, in northern Italy