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Pirs (ISS module)

Pirs (, meaning " pier") -- also called "Stykovochny Otsek 1" or "SO-1" (, " docking module", or DC-1 (docking compartment) -- is one of the two Russian docking compartments originally planned for the ISS. Pirs was launched in August 2001. It provides the ISS with one docking port for Soyuz and Progress spacecraft, and allows egress and ingress for spacewalks by cosmonauts using Russian Orlan space suits.

A second docking compartment, "Stykovochniy Otsek 2" or SO-2, was initially planned with the same design. However, when the Russian segment of the ISS was redesigned in 2001, the new design no longer included the SO-2, and its construction was canceled. After another change of plans the SO-2 module finally evolved into the Poisk module, which was added to the ISS in 2009.

Pirs is scheduled to be detached from the ISS in 2017 and to be deorbited, to make room for the Russian Multipurpose Laboratory Module Nauka.


PIRs, PIRS, Pirs, or pirs may mean:

  • the plural of pir (disambiguation) or PIR
  • Pirs (ISS module), a module of the International Space Station
  • a Russian word, Пирс, meaning " pier"
  • Propulsion Information Retrieval System, part of the Chemical Propulsion Information Analysis Center
  • Police Information Retrieval System, an information system used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Programme d'indicateurs du rendement scolaire du Conseil des ministres de l'Éducation, a program of the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports (Quebec)

Usage examples of "pirs".

She must have finished off what little she had brought out of Pirs the last time she camped.

She told him of blighted Zambul, of Erin and Roshka, of the suzerain in Pirs and the caves of the underdwellers there.