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Piro may refer to:

Usage examples of "piro".

Once ashore, Piro introduced us to his proudest possession - his jeep.

We climbed in and I sat on a hard wooden box, innocent of upholstery, as Piro started the engine.

It banged and spluttered, but caught, and Piro threw in the gears with a jerk and we were off, bouncing along the beach and swerving round a clump of palms dimly illuminated by the feeble headlight.

I left her and went to where Piro was standing and was aware that she was watching me.

We drove past the dark bulk of a copra warehouse and then we were on a narrow track through a palm plantation and Piro waved at it.

A man ran into the hut and spoke to Piro rapidly in his own language, clearly distressed.

But it turned out that Piro could not write, nor even sign his name, which was a pity - I wanted a witnessed account of the event to take back, but with Schouten dead there was nobody else to turn to for it.

All Durine did was pull two of them off, while Piro and I settled things, two-on-two.

By the time Piro had finished his story, the boys were all grinning happily.

Just as they came out into the grassland again, Piro stopped them with a warning cry.

He stopped and waited while Piro shouted the message to the Asterians.

Either the words, or Piro whom the Asterians recognized as one who had been condemned and thrown down the shaft, impressed the attackers.

He raised his spear and shouted something which Piro quickly relayed to Dig.

Tokee, Piro and a group of friendly villagers crowded into the cave and watched silently.

They went outside where Piro and Sookee were calling on the people to come out of their caves.