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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pirie \Pir"ie\, n. (Naut.) See Pirry.


Pirie \Pir"ie\, n. [See Pear.] (Bot.) A pear tree. [Written also pery, pyrie.] [Obs.]

Usage examples of "pirie".

Instead of going on up to the arid fastness of Bir Oassa we would turn at right angles and take the secondary road to the Manzu border at Lake Pirie on the Katali River.

You planned for us to go down to Lake Pirie, before we ran into all this crap with the sickies.

He was to move westwards to Makara with us, but once there he was to push on towards Fort Pirie, leaving us to cope.

Further west, near Lake Pirie where the river joined the huge Katali there was a delta, and building a bridge would not have been possible.

Fort Pirie in three days or less, and it would be downhill all the way, with villages scattered along the route.

There must be a road from Batanda to the ferry on Lake Pirie, because a lot of trade goes on between the two countries at that point.

Soldiers in Fort Pirie could be bad news if they were rebels, and I wondered how Sadiq was getting on.

At this point Lake Pirie was about five miles wide, broadening out to our right.

A large part of the army had defected and the countryside through to Fort Pirie and perhaps as far down as Lasulu was in rebel hands.

Traffic on Lake Pirie might simply be infrequent or it may have been brought to a halt by the advent of war.

We had discovered that the landing point was called Kanjali, although the joke of trying to call it the Fort Pirie Ferry, a genuine tongue twister, had not yet palled.

A Pirie became a limited-liability company in 1882, merged with another firm in 1922, and went out of business at some point in the 1950s.

The Openshaw letter that yielded the mitochondrial DNA results was written on A Pirie &amp.

It seems that A Pirie paper was used primarily for the printing of bankers' and other business ledgers, business stationery, and nonwatermarked printing and lithographic printing paper.

The A Pirie & Sons watermarks we found on Sickert stationery include a watermarked date of manufacturing, and the three partial dates on the Ripper letters with the A Pirie & Sons watermark are 18 and 18 and 87.