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n. (plural of pip English)

Usage examples of "pips".

Suspended in its depths were brainlike trees of frosted coral, eyelike pips of yellow kelp, hairlike fluids of weed.

When he returned, he was leading Pips and the razor, both saddled and bridled.

Mat kept Pips even with Tuon as much for the pleasure of watching her smile as anything else.

Well, he had to ride like a madman himself to keep up, though he winced every time he set Pips to jump a tree trunk.

He must have fallen no more than half a mile from the very spot where he sat Pips, drowning in his own blood.

She and Selucia could ride off while he was trying to contend with Tinkers crowding around him and Pips so he could not climb into the saddle.

Selucia had acquired her own mount, somehow, a compact gelding that could not match Pips or Akein but still surpassed the dapple by a fair margin.

As Mat swung round, struggling to control Pips, every one he could see handling reins was fighting to keep a wild-eyed team from racing off or injuring themselves.

Mat sat Pips in the darkness among the trees and waited, surrounded by two thousand mounted crossbowmen.

He was sitting Pips in the middle of the bloody road with flaming gusts cutting through his coat like winter was coming back.

Regrettably there is no method known to military science to tell a real officer from a glib imitation with pips on his shoulders, other than through ordeal by fire.

I take it you would not object to wearing pips which have been worn by five officers, all of whom were killed in action?

Rico, I have a letter from one of your high school teachers, a retired officer, requesting that you be issued the pips he wore as a third lieutenant.

No one had so much as looked at him twice while he saddled Pips and ghosted away to the south.

He started Pips up through the scattered trees at a slow walk, and they kept pace to the quiet jangle of bridles.