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Pio can refer to:

  • Pi O (or П. O.), the Australian poet.
  • Pío Cabanillas Gallas (1923–1991), Spanish jurist and politician
  • Pio Laghi (1922–2009), Italian RC Cardinal
  • Pio of Pietrelcina (popularly known as Padre Pio), the stigmatic Capuchin friar, Roman Catholic saint
  • Pio Terei, New Zealand actor, singer and comedian
  • Pope Pius, the name borne by twelve Roman Catholic pontiffs (the Italian form of Pius is "Pio")
  • Pio, abbreviation of Pebioctet, a unit of information or computer storage
  • Pio Island, Solomon Islands

The acronym PIO can refer to:

  • Programmed input/output, a transfer method for IDE harddisks and network cards
  • Peripheral Input/Output, an I/O circuit
  • Public information officer of a government department
  • Person of Indian Origin, an expatriate Indian or person of Indian ancestry, who has certain rights of citizenship. It may be thought of as Permanent Residency, with the person issued with a PIO Card.
  • Pilot-induced oscillation
  • Police Intelligence Operations, one of the five functions of the U.S. Army Military Police
  • Peruvian Inca Orchid, a breed of hairless dog originating in Peru