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Pino (fictional character)

Pino is a fictional character that is featured in a Swedish book series and film series. Both the books and the films are for children up to the age of four. Pino who is a teddy bear features simple events that small children can relate to. Pino often goes out to play, but also does things that grown-ups do, like flying and working as an doctor.

The first book about Pino was published in 2002 and today there are 24 different stories published. The authors are Swedes Eva Pils and Agneta Norelid, while Kenneth Andersson has made the drawings. 20 short films has been made about Pino and has been broadcast on SVTs kids show Bolibompa and has also been distributed through DVD. Pino is also featured in a computer game, memory card game and toys in the form of a teddy bear.

Pino has become successful in France were he is called Tomi and 14 of the books has so far been published there. Pino has also been published in Norway and Japan.