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Pinheiros (district of São Paulo)

Pinheiros (, “pine trees”) is a district in the subprefecture of the same name in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Prior to development, the land which this borough occupies was dominated by the dense forest which contained a Brazilian subtropical species of pine, Araucaria angustifolia, which is also the symbol of the Paraná state.

The district comprises the neighborhoods of Jardim das Bandeiras, Jardim Viana, Jardim das Rosas, Pinheiros, Vila Madalena, Sumarezinho, Jardim Europa, and Jardim Paulistano, the last two being part of the Jardins upper class region. The HDI of the borough was 0.960, the second highest of the city of São Paulo.

Pinheiros (São Paulo Metro)

Pinheiros is a metro station on Line 4 (Yellow) of the São Paulo Metro. Already completed, passengers may transfer without any fee to Line 9 (Emerald) of the CPTM.