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n. (plural of ping English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: ping)

Usage examples of "pings".

Then Byron's heart jumped, as the pings of the Jap destroyer shifted to long scale: p-i-i-i-ng!

It makes us quieter to operate, and makes it harder to detect us on sonar if somebody pings at us.

Four lines indicated the Grishas, and offset dots marked the pings from their active sonars.

Soon the active sonar pings were reflecting off the submarine's stem as it dodged left and right trying to get away.

The first five pings came up blank as the sonar beam swept west-to-east.

The pings from the helicopter's active sonar reverberated through the hull.

The impact of the explosives shook his tank violently, and he could hear the pings of fragments bouncing off his armor.

The passive sonar was below it, and could well be hearing a submarine that the active pings could not reach.

Their instruments could still hear the ultrasonic pings of the torpedo, however, and McCafferty maneuvered to keep the weapon behind him as it dove down after the American sub.

His active pings were reflected back by the cloud of bubbles, and his passive listening ability was greatly reduced by the recurring rumbles.

Instead of the Jezebel's passive sonar the DICASS will send out active pings on command.

It hadn't taken the enemy long to begin the hunt, using sonobuoys to send out pings of sound that had echoed through the sub's steel hull.

The hull echoed with the deep, bell-like tolling of sonar pings, so loud that the source had to be close by.

The hull rang as the two American torpedoes added their own sonar pings to the cacophony in the water.

Before he could say anything further the hull seemed to shake with multiple sonar pings, a noise like a jangling of mismatched church bells.