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Pind may refer to:

  • PIND or Particle Impact Noise Detection

Usage examples of "pind".

Professor Sauerbruch, the surgeon, Heidegger, the existentialist philosopher, and Pinder, the art historian, took a public vow to support Hitler and the National Socialist regime.

Claims he was trying to get rid of that little girl who put him behind bars, though why he should half-kill Pinder instead, God only knows.

Lebrett looked up from the dying man -and immediately shot Pinder in the face.

Shuffling and sliding sounds come from inside the house, as though Pinder is moving furniture.

She reaches out and hugs me, while behind her Charles Evers and Willie Pinder give me brief salutes, then turn and move toward the door.

American stews made of opossum and whatever else Sally Pinder could drag out of the woods.

Farther north, Calla Sen Pinder and Calla Sen Chre, which were farms and sheep.

I wandered north and east, fell in for a while with a Canadian named Pinder who was single-handedly drinking his way from the Cape to Cairo, made it to the railhead in Uganda, and took the train all the way to Mombasa on the coast, where I had the bad fortune to run into three different parties I had sold maps to.

Sir Simon bids you know that Lady Montague had your hounds impounded and she expects you to pay the pinder his due to release them.

Agarin Pinder and his foot-soldiers twenty-two miles from the newly built fortress.

There's been a lot going on involving Tyron and Pinder at the division level that we're only getting parts of.

No wonder there had been something naggingly but undefinably different about Pinder, which he hadn't been able to put his finger on in two days.