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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pina \Pi"na\ (pron. also ?). (Metal.) A cone of silver amalgam prepared for retorting; also, the residuary cone of spongy silver left after the retorting.


Pina \Pi`[~n]a\, n. [Sp., orig., pineapple, pine cone.]

    1. The pineapple.

    2. Pi[~n]a cloth or the fiber of which it is made.

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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

n. (alt form piña English)


Piña is a fiber made from the leaves of a pineapple plant and is commonly used in the Philippines. It is sometimes combined with silk or polyester to create a textile fabric. Piña's name comes from the Spanish word piña which literally means pineapple.


Pina may refer to:

  • 6521 Pina, a main-belt asteroid
  • Pina (film), a 2011 German 3D documentary film about dance choreographer Pina Bausch
  • Pina Records, a Puerto Rican record label
  • Rosh Pina, an independent minyan in Washington, D.C., United States

People with the given name Pina:

  • Pina Bausch (1940-2009), German choreographer
  • Pina Carmirelli (1914-1993), Italian violinist
  • Pina Conti (21st century), Australian contortionist
  • Pina Gallini (1888-1974), Italian actress
  • Pina Kollars (21st century), Austrian singer
  • Pina Manique (1733-1805), Portuguese magistrate
  • Pina Martino (21st century), Canadian politician
  • Pina Pellicer (1934-1964), Mexican actress
  • Pina Renzi (1901-1984), Italian actress
  • Rogelio Pina Estrada (20th century), Cuban attorney
  • Wescley Pina Gonçalves (born 1984), Brazilian footballer

People with the surname Pina:

  • Daniel Bautista Pina (born 1981), Spanish football player
  • Jay Pina (born 1964), American boxer
  • João Pina (born 1981), Portuguese judoka
  • Kevin Pina (21st century), American journalist
  • Larry Pina (born 1947), American non-fiction writer
Piña (disambiguation)

Piña is a fiber made from the leaves of a pineapple.

Piña is also a Spanish word for:

Piña may also refer to:

  • The fruit of the blue agave used in the production of tequila.
  • Piña, Colón, Panama

People with the surname Piña:

  • Dulce Piña (born 1966), Dominican Republic judoka
  • Horacio Piña (born 1945), Mexican baseball player
  • John Piña Craven (born 1924), United States Navy officer
  • José Jonathan Piña Gutiérrez (born 1989), Mexican football midfielder
  • Aarón Piña Mora (1914–2009), Mexican painter
  • Mariano Piña Olaya (born 1933), Mexican politician
Pina (film)

Pina is a 2011 German 3D documentary film about the contemporary dance choreographer Pina Bausch. It was directed by Wim Wenders. The film premiered out of competition at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival.

During the preparation of the documentary, Pina Bausch died unexpectedly. Wenders cancelled the film production, but the other dancers of Tanztheater Wuppertal convinced him to make the film anyway. It showcases these dancers, who talk about Pina and perform some of her best-known pieces inside the Tanztheater Wuppertal and in various outdoor locations around the city of Wuppertal.

Usage examples of "pina".

From there it was only two minutes to the Rue de la Buffa where Pina Baroni lived.

They came slowly and shyly: Pina the first day, Idina and Angela the second, Rosaria and Rosetta the next.

On the witness stand, Frankie expressed tearful remorse that, in TV classrooms from Queens to Staten Island, students expecting to see "Kermit's Wild West Adventure" were instead exposed to a mattress-level montage of Latin porn star Pina Kolada deepthroating a semi-pro soccer team.

Two stemmed goblets litter the ground, the remnants of pina colada melting into the pink sands.

Lupo mopped the bar, spun down a coaster, and put the pina colada on top of it.

When the waiter came, I ordered a pina colada, a drink I usually can't stand.

Her mouth tended to run away from her on good days, even when she wasn't insulted and hadn't had half a glass of potent pina colada to boot.

When they reached the bar, Matt and Carrie each got a pina colada.

Robin had called me 'Dr Stuart' while meeting my flight in Miami airport and 'dear boy' when pressing a pina colada into my hand, murmuring also 'pineapple juice, coconut milk and rum.

Once or twice a year you jump on a plane and fly to a beach where the sun shines more than in this miserable hole and sip a pina colada.

I muttered, as I mopped up a spilled pina colada and handed one of our last clean bar towels to the woman who'd knocked it over, since a lot of it was still in her skirt.

He looked at the flowered cushions and marveled at how an empty space could be so full of a person-her faint scent of coconut oil that always made him wish for a pina colada.

Then they are all yakking about their favourite cocktails, even poor old Jane perking up a bit as she weighs in with her thoughts on the humble Pina Colada.

At the corner they invaded a hot dog stand and drank a pina colada to sober up.

But then, as she returned to her earnest texting, the dog would wander off into his conceptual prison and begin his whining once more, making Lucia and Pina laugh.