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Pilz is a German occupational surname, which means a gatherer of mushrooms, derived from the German pilz " mushroom". Variants of the name include Piltz and Pilzer. The name may refer to:

  • Adolf Piltz (1855–1940), German mathematician
  • Anders Piltz (born 1943), Swedish scholar
  • Andrea Pilzer (born 1991), Italian curler
  • Christiane Pilz (born 1975), German athlete
  • Estefania Pilz (born 1985), Argentine cyclist
  • Gerhard Pilz (born 1965), Austrian luger
  • Günter Pilz (born 1945), Austrian mathematician
  • Hans-Uwe Pilz (born 1958), German footballer
  • Karol Piltz (1903–1939), Polish chess player
  • Otto Piltz (1846–1910), German painter
  • Paul Zane Pilzer (born 1954), American economist
  • Peter Pilz (born 1954), Austrian politician
  • Rick S. Piltz (1943–2014), American policy analyst
  • Wendy Piltz (born 1956), Australian athlete
Pilz (record label)

Pilz (German for ‘mushroom’) was a German record label, set up in Berlin in 1971 by German music mogul Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser, who also established the label Ohr.

Pilz (company)

Pilz GmbH & Co. KG is an automation technology company in Ostfildern, Germany. In addition to the head office in Germany, Pilz is represented in 32 subsidiaries and branches on all continents.

The company was founded as a glass-blowing business by Hermann Pilz in Esslingen in 1948. Initial products included glass apparatus for medical technology and mercury relays for industrial applications.

In the 1960s control passed to Hermann's son Peter, who developed the company into a supplier of electronic control and monitoring devices and programmable logic controllers. In 1987 the company launched safety relay PNOZ, an emergency stop system. PSS control systems were developed in the 1990s. Other Pilz products and services include sensor technology, bus and industrial wireless systems, risk assessments and training courses on machinery safety.

Renate Pilz has been Managing Partner of the company since 1994. Renate Pilz, Thomas Pilz and Susanne Kunschert are the owners.

Pilz (disambiguation)

Pilz is a German occupational surname, which means a gatherer of mushrooms.

Pilz may also refer to:

  • Pilz (company), a German automation technology company
  • Pilz (record label), a German record label
  • Pilz Glacier, Washington, US